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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cavos Tavern and Pizzaria

I have eaten here several times before but what always impresses me [aside from the great food and good service] is the cleanliness of the place. You would swear you were eating on some Greek island and not on the Berlin Turnpike.

I had the Gyro platter [$8] which had the famous lamb, toasted pita, tzatziki sauce and french fries [or rice]. The lamb was grilled and delicious, the pita fresh, the sauce flavorful and the fries excellent. This came with a super salad and lots of dressing.

I finished with a cup of Greek coffee with two sugars and a hit of milk [$4] made especially for me by Yaya who ruled the takeout counter.

bloginfo: Cavos is located at 2414 Berlin Turnpike in Newington. Telephone: 667-9200
blognote: There are other reviews of Cavos; just search them out.

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