an egg is an egg...meditating at the Museo Miró in Barcelona

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Barça tonight before an airport trip. Hawai'i visitors going back home [via Clearwater]!

Ordered three tapas for the three of us and this was just the perfect amount. They were each $9. Coca: flatbread with chicken and cheese and a side of sweet potato fries, Setas: wild mushrooms sautéed in garlic and butter served with crusty bread and Calamares: fried calamari with a remoulade sauce.

One decaf Latte and a Hot Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream [$5] with three spoons.

bloginfo: Try out their website, it has the menu and some good music.
blognote: There was a private birthday party and the music was VERY loud.

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