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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chef Allen's

Went back to Chef Allen's since we had such a good meal last time. See review from January 12 of this year.

Had a bottle of Trinitas Petit Syrah [$55] which needed to breath a bit before drinking and then turned out quite fine and stood up to some of the more hearty entrées.

Appetizers were the Lobster Mac and Cheese [$16] which was deemed as good as the last visit, a tableside Caesar Salad [$10] and my redundantly named Tuna Sashimi Poke [$11]. The poke was good [Hawai'i does it better] but the topping was a mystery, a good one. It was either wasabi foam or wasabi infused caviar, anyway it was fine.

Our entrées were Steak Frites [$22] and two Surf and Turf [$28 each]. Last time the surf and turf was Short Ribs and Diver Scallops but this time two hugh Grilled Shrimp were the surf part. This was beyond excellent!

Desserts [yes, we did that too] were the Cherry Trio [$5] a bunch of cherry type things, a Beggar's Purse [$7] which was a thing filled with stuff and my Apricot Lavender Sorbet [$5] which was super.

A great meal, nice room and good service; I will go back again.

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