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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pho Boston

Had a healthy dinner tonight at Pho Boston after the Concora Concert. The place was just about empty when we got there at 5:30 but very crowded by the time we left.

Started with two orders of Egg Roll [$4.25 for an order of two]. Freshly fried and very tasty!
Two Tiger beers and a Mango Bubble Tea [$3.75]. Bubble teas are the latest craze here. They add large pearl tapioca to a smoothie and then you suck it all up with a giant straw. I had one at York Noodle House in New Haven. They are fun to drink but don't think I will order another for a while [too much work].

My entree #48 was Chow Fun noodles with pork, beef, chicken and vegetable [$10.89]. This was what I had last time, two years ago. Need to venture into the menu; everyone else had interesting looking food.
Such as #111 and 112 Clay Hot Pots, one with spicy Catfish [too many bones for me] and the other with spicy Pork [$11.95] served with white rice and #72 Grilled Shrimp on Vermicelli [$8.50]. The servings were all a very good size, so arrive hungry.

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blognote: The day after our meal the clay hot spicy pork diner said he had a bad night of upset stomach. I thought too spicy; he thought too greasy.

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