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Sunday, June 07, 2009

with a little help...

DIY entertaining  came to my cottage last night. The five of us that went to Puket Café started off here for some pre-dinner food and chatter. I needed help, so Lauren from La Piastra [pix at left], a purchase from Hurst Farm and a quick buy at Stop and Shop produced some good munchies [with a little help from my friends].

A dozen Lump Crab and Goat Cheese empanadas with some Ginger Dressing both from La Piastra were excellent. I even managed to make my oven work and with Lauren's directions [and her parchment paper] they were toasty and delicious. A frozen bag of 'Nature's Promise' Vegetable and Pork Potstickers from Stop and Shop turned out great. Two minutes in the microwave oven and one side seared in a hot pan; voilá. Some Tutukane [Grandpa's Hawaiian Style Salsa] from Hurst Farm added a kick. Cashews were on sale last week or so and provided a nice crunch to the spread. Some Pinot Grigio [and some non-politically correct Cabernet Sauvignon for two of us] completed my 'do-it-yourself' beginning to a great Thai meal at Puket Café.

bloginfo: Hurst Farm Country Store, 746 East St., Andover, CT 860.646.6536
blognote: The stove/oven is brand new, so I guess I have to start using it.

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