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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ruby Tuesday


Had a nice 'business' lunch here today.

Avocado Turkey Burger with slices of fresh avocado, Havarti cheese, and applewood smoked bacon [$8.95] and a never-ending iced tea.

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Another good lunch at Ruby Tuesday. This time in Willington. Had the rib special this time but only the half portion of Hog Heaven with green beans and onion rings. Great shared dessert.


Armed with a coupon, had a late lunch at Ruby Tuesday in Enfield. The service had to lot to go before being deemed appropriate. The server was too busy talking with her 'regulars' as she put it. I had to point out that the 'irregulars' were hungry. That seemed to better up the situation. After all that ruckus on my part, the meal was very good. I had the Hickory Bourbon Salmon [$17.59] which was well cooked and spiced. Added the grilled asparagus [upcharge $1.50] and had the best baked potato in a long time. Split the White Chocolate Cheesecake [$5.99] which while moist and yummy had a slightly chemical taste in the cherry syrup decor.

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