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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cavos Tavern & Pizzaria

Just got back from eating lunch/dinner at Cavos. Heard a lot of foodie traffic about them and thought I would check it out. Anyway, good choice for a hungry afternoon.

It is Saturday and it was 3pm so I ordered from the Dinner menu. Don't know if there is a Lunch menu but will find out. You can too by going to their website [there was a slight problem with double images/double vision but I am sure they will fix it].

Ordered way too much food but had to do it for the blog!!! There is a huge menu.

Started with Saganaki [$8] from the Appetizer [Mezedes] menu. This is three large pieces of 'pan fried Greek imported aged cheese' and it is luscious. There also appeared a basket of great garlic bread.

Aegean Plates come with salad [my choice] of fresh greens, tomato, olives and feta with a smooth clear dressing OR soup [Avgolomeno for today] and a choice of rice or French fries.
So after much deliberation I ordered the Grilled Pork Chops [$16]. This platter contained two pork chops, a bed of delicious herbed rice, toasted pita and the best tzaziki sauce. I brought enough food home for Tuesday's dinner.

Finished with a Greek coffee made by Yaya [you will never go wrong if there is a Yaya in the kitchen] and it was sweet and strong.

bloginfo: Cavos is located at 2414 Berlin Turnpike in Newington. Telephone: 667-9200
blognote: You will recognize it with the walled-off patio with tables and umbrellas for al fresco dining.

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