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Thursday, April 30, 2009

York Street Noodle House

Visited the Yale Art Gallery today to see the 'Picasso and the Written Word' exhibit. Had a late lunch at the York Street Noodle House which had just been reviewed that morning in the Hartford Courant. The restaurant lived up to and even exceeded the great review.

We each ordered a Green Salad [$2.75] with Avocado Dressing : one with baked snow pea crisp [S1]  and the other with crispy noodle [S2]. Both were delicious!

Then we shared a [D12] Assorted Steamed Dim Sum Sampler [$5] with 8 pieces of shumai, har kaw and dumplings - veggie/shrimp/chicken served in a bamboo steamer on a bed of edamame. A great taste sensation.

To drink there was a cast iron pot of green tea [$1.75] and a Thai Iced Tea with Bubble [$2.75] which you just have to try!!!

blognote: The review does a good job describing the bubble tea: 'Bubble tea isn't only fun to say, it's fun to drink as well. Tiny pearls of tapioca sit in the bottom of a flavored tea - served hot, cold or slushy - waiting to be sucked up through a colorful, oversized straw'.

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