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Sunday, March 15, 2009

fratelli Lyon

Before leaving for Brazil, we had an interesting meal last night at Fratelli Lyon in the Design District of Miami. The room is very industrial, heavy on the color orange, situated next to a furniture/decor store. The dining room shared a common wall and the two rooms complemented each other.

Apps: two salads; one fennel and the other bibb, both interestingly dressed. one gorgonzola fondata; a dish of melted gorgonzola topped with lots of toasted focaccia swimming in the delightful mess [each @$12].

Entrees: Petto d'Anatra [duck breast a little to the medium rare ($26)]; Ravioli Evalina [house recipe ($16)] and my lamb stuffed tortellini [$17] which was the perfect sized amount of delicious lamb in home made tortellini on a mint sauce [anid I don't mean mint jelly, dear]. A nice bottle of Poggio d'Arna accompanied the meal [$49].

I skipped dessert but tasted a bit of both the others: a berry Panna Cotta and a piece of the cake of the day [$10 each].

bloginfo: 4141 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL
305.572.2901 with website here
blognote: we started outside but the sun was blinding and the traffic loud; a good place to sit at night

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