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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Barton G's

There is dinner theater and now there is theater dinner! That's my impression of over-the-top Barton G.

The website is sophisticated, the room is subtle, the clientele [at least on this Sunday evening] is family-oriented and very casual. The food is good [not excellent] but the props are very disconcerting and this makes the food difficult to eat. Not what I expected.

One of their specialties is the mixed drink; double portioned liquid nitrogen foamy creations. We opted for wine: Tour de Pez, St. Estephe [$82].

Appetizers: Lobster Pop Tart served in a toaster [$27] with three dipping sauces, Tour Eiffel Foie Gras [$26] served in the freaking Eiffel Tower with a blue light on top but prop removed for eating and my Sashimi Cones [$18] of Tuna and Salmon sushi-grade fish draped over two snow cones with caviar on one and wasabi on the other and accompanied by two sorbet, blood orange and wasabi.

Salad: we split a Burrata and Heirloom Tomato salad with onion tart [$24]

Entrees: Chinese Duck [$29] served in a guess what? a big duck decoy holding a plate of duck two ways, Southern Fried Chicken [$24] served in a big holder shaped like a chicken with mashed potato and creamed corn. We also shared a side of sauteed Spinach [$9] which was perfectly done. My entree was the least theatrical: Twisted Lamb Chop Tajine [$42] served in a tajine over spiced greens and figs. This came with toasted flatbread, cucumber raita [excellent] and tabbouleh.

Dessert: shared an order of Beignets [$18]; chocolate, vanilla and plain with chocolate sauce, raspberry preserves and whipped cream. Two coffee and a Lemon Ginger Tea [for me]

The check came in a little envelope with 'The Damage' [so too cute!] printed on it.

bloginfo: check out this cool website Barton G. Weiss is the Chef and runs a high end catering service. Maybe that is why there were so many children in the place celebrating birthdays.
blognote: My brother-in-law, the chef, picked up the check for the wine. Thank you.

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