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Friday, January 16, 2009

P.F. Changs [Miami]

Dinner for five; reservations this time!

Wanted to try out P.F. Changs as one just opened at WestFarms Mall near home. Guess I have saved myself the trouble. Not that the food was bad, it was quite good but the service sucked. The front of the house operation had no clue. We waited for 20 minutes before being seated. We were seated at a table for four and they tried to put a chair in the aisle. Then we had to then find an larger table; the trouble is that they seat a party when a table is empty, regardless of party size. So there were couples sitting at four-tops. This is a food factory; good food but no ambiance at all.

We ordered lots of food [and did a good job of eating it]!
Wine: Bertani Pino Grigio [$40]
Appetizers: Peking Dumplings and Shrimp Dumplings [$5.50/7.00] both bland but the Peking [pork] were better. Spring Rolls [$5.50] typical, served very hot
Entrees: Mu Shu Pork [$11], Mongolian Beef [$15] good review on this one, Changs Chicken [$13] good review on this one too, Lemongrass Prawns [$16] good but they overcooked the noodles to mush, and my Chendu Spiced Lamb [$14] good flavor sauce but nondescript lamb [was it even lamb?] with lots of sesame seeds.
Sides: Brown and white rice, Szechuan Asparagus [$5] very spicy, Asian Slaw [$5] good
Dessert: Great Wall of Chocolate [$8] a huge slab of good chocolate cake, six layers in a raspberry sauce; a barbain
Coffee: [$2.25] came lukewarm with 2% milk, reordered and got fresh hot coffee with cream.

bloginfo: We were at the Biscayne Blvd. site: Look at website here.
blognote: I might try the CT location to compare. Also in today's [1/22/09] Hartford Courant there was a review. Things look a lot better here; service is VERY important!

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