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Friday, December 05, 2008

ABC Pizza

This isn't their logo but they don't have a website.

Had heard lots of good things about ABC Pizza in Cromwell so decided to try them out. A good choice for a chilly night.

App: Garlic bread with cheese. Lots of cheese but not anything different from many other places.

Beverages: Chianti and a couple of Sam Adams Winter Ales

Entrées: Two orders of Veal parmigiana with and not over pasta. Very tasty, crunchy fried veal with lots of good cheese. Huge helpings. Other entrée was Eggplant rollatini with pasta. These all came with choice of soup or salad; we all chose salad [with different dressings] and good yeasty rolls.

bloginfo: ABC Trattoria and Pizza is located at 316 Main Street in Cromwell. Telephone is 635-4338
blognote: All in all, a well-prepared meal at a decent price; good neighborhood place. Service by Sandra was friendly and attentive.

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