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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Firebox Restaurant

Tonight's Hartford Restaurant Week adventure was at Firebox. I had always wanted to eat here but haven't had the chance. I will return!

Three Course Meal for $20.08. Butternut Squash Soup, house made lamb pancetta, Pan-Roasted Atlantic Salmon, braised cabbage & bacon, cippolini onions, Local Pumpkin "Pound Cake", housemade marshmallow & white chocolate ganache.

The bread served at the start of the meal should be on the menu; it was hearty and warm and delicious.

Appetizer of butternut squash soup was rich and creamy. The lamb pancetta was salty and divine.

Entrée of roasted salmon cooked perfectly and accompanied and plated beautifully.

The dessert [which we waited for endlessly] was not the highpoint of the meal. The pound cake was a little dry and the ganache was underwhelming. The marshmallow while an interesting addition didn't add much to the dish.

bloginfo: Try out their menu online.
blognote: The Kitchen @Billings Forge fundraising evening is December 8th. Looks hot!

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