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Saturday, November 08, 2008


Out of gyros; no, no! Was having a lamb attack! A rainy afternoon would have been perfect for a nice dripping gyro filled with lamb. Anyway it was late for lunch and this had been on the specials.

So we improvised with another lunch special [$9.95]: mini-Greek salad, Lobster Bisque [$1 extra] and the 'almost famous' stuffed Clams.

This and a glass of wine each and a tip for $20 each. A culinary bargain, to say the least.
The Greek salad was good, as usual, the lobster bisque was rich and creamy and served with some warm pita. The clams were filling and had a good ratio of clam to stuffing. What a great way to spend an afternoon.

Stopped at Tapa's for a very late lunch and it was very successful.
My entrée was Grilled Lamb Patties [$12.95] in a pita with onions. lettuce and tzatziki sauce [also tried the alternate red spicy sauce and it is very good]. The other entrée was Chicken Mykonos: Poached chicken breast combined with feta cheese, fresh
dill and a light cream sauce. Wrapped in filo and baked golden brown [$13.99]. We got the platter version which includes their great Greek salad and Rice Pilaf. A New Castle beer and a Sam Adams Summer filled out the meal.

May 12, 2008
Tonight we traveled to Tapas in West Hartford for their advertised Monday/Tuesday Night Special: Greek Sampler Platter for $12.95.

Started with wine: Campo Rioja and Tiziano Pinot Grigio [$7 and $6.50] and two orders of a special appetizer, Baked Clams [$4.95]. The clam shells were big and stuffed with chopped clams and a good stuffing and served piping hot. Then the Greek house salad with 'almost famous' dressing which is delicious. This Greek salad is about the best you can get [outside of Greece].

Entrées were the Greek Sampler Platter containing a grilled chicken skewer, spanakopita, sliced beef gyro served over rice with tzatziki sauce and toasted pita. What a plate of delicious food for the money.

Dessert: Three coffees and one Bakalava [$3.95] to share.

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1150 New Britain Avenue, West Hartford, CT phone: 860.521.4609
blognote: good website with menu and 'win dinner for two!'

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