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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Georgina's Italian Restaurant

Ate here previously [see 12/27/06 'Christmas at Bolton Notch' review] for lunch.
This time it was the dinner menu and the portions are 'gigondous' and the food is good.

The Garlic Bread is more like Rome meets Texas Toast but it is good and buttery and garlicy and herby [get the message, I liked it]. The dinner salad was forgettable especially the 'house' creamy Italian dressing. Why do restaurants serve such large pieces of greens?

Two entrées were Chicken Marsala and they looked quite good. I had the Chicken Française; it had a great egg wash with a nice lemon tang in the white wine sauce but mild on the garlic. It was served over about a pound of linguini cooked al dente which is perfect for me. The entrées were $14.95 each which was a bargain. My leftover pasta will feed me for a night or two.

Good service and the waitperson remembered my hosts from a previous visit. This is a nice friendly place to get a real good meal.

bloginfo: Georgina's is located at 275 Boston Turnpike [Routes 6&44], Bolton, CT [formerly Fiano's].
Telephone: 647.0345 or click Georgina's for the website.
blognote: My hosts knew George, the owner. He is very affable and truly proud of his restaurant and stopped by the table to see if everything was okay.

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