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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cheesecake Factory

What's this three hour 'waiting for a table' crap! We waltzed [actually walked] into the White Plains Cheesecake Factory. The hostess said the wait was fifteen minutes ['oh yeah, right' said I] but ten minutes later were at our table.

It was a good meal but wouldn't have been worth three hours [or even 45 minutes]. The service is great as they have a zillion waitstaff on hand. The food gets there quickly but sometimes it must have been waiting under those ubiquitous warming lights. My mashed potatoes could have been a lot warmer.

The four of us shared two appetizers: Factory Nachos [that means with chicken (from a factory?)] for $10.50 and Fried Mac & Cheese for $8.95. I had to try this one as mac & cheese is one of my favorites and anything breaded and deepfried would have to be delicious. It was very good but not delicious!

We should have stopped there but went on so each of us had their own entrée: Thai Chicken Pasta [$14.95] and not a winner; Jambalaya [$16.95] for which they are famous but I found bland. The two other entrées were Stuffed Chicken Tortillas [$13.95] which looked good and were served with black beans [now in my refrigerator] and corncakes; and my order of 'Falling off the Bone' Beef Ribs [$22.50] which were the best. This was served with French Fries for which I substituted the Mashed Potatoes [maybe that's why the potatoes sucked] and Fried Onion Rings. This serving looked like a caveperson on steroids needed a week's sustenance before hibernation [mixed metaphors there, I know].

For dessert [yes, we ordered dessert] we had two servings of cheesecake [duh, it is the Cheesecake Factory]; one Caramel Pecan Turtle [This was our server's favorite (why should I care what she liked, the anorexic twit!)] and Fresh Strawberry [see pix].

bloginfo: There are Cheesecake Factories attached to Whole Foods everywhere. If you can't find one, googleit!
blognote: We were completely stuffed and walked out carrying bags and bags of food. Also, the Iced Green Tea with Mint [$2.95] is superb.

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