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Sunday, December 16, 2007

glas [and another birthday party...]

GLAS is a good place to celebrate birthdays, I guess. That is one beautiful room [didn't like the holiday decorations though as they detracted from the glass sculptures].

DiL2B got celebrated there last night by my son and mofongoman.

Started with an order of Dayboat Calamari which came with two dipping sauces. Tasty but could have been crispier.

I had my new drink, Bicyclette, of Campari and white wine; strong this time.

Entrées were Duck Steak over Duck Confit Hash [delicious], New York Strip steak [overcooked and tough] with Loaded Baked Potato and the Cajun Ribeye with Roquefort and Fingerling Potatoes [excellent and a huge cut]. Also had an order of Tempura Green Beans for the table [fabulous].
Desserts [all specials of the night] were Blood Orange Sorbet, Apple Cranberry Cobbler with Cinnamon ice cream and Pumpkin Cheesecake and a decaf Latte. All of the desserts were excellent.

bloginfo: glas is located at 2935 Main Street in Glastonbury, CT
telephone: 657-glas
bloginfo: Jacqueline was our server and she had the New York strip taken off the bill. The service was, as always, excellent.
the chef tends to one-up the cooking temp: medium-rare came out medium, etc.

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