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Thursday, August 30, 2007

wings, wings, wings......where?

Bon Voyage Party tonight so we went out for wings. I had read a review of the new wings restaurant started by the owners of the Elbow Room in West Hartford. Sounded great; nice room and a big beer menu with lots of different types of wings. So I googled it and found the menu. All set for a great night and off we go..........

Well, why did two places specializing in wings come up with practically identical names: Wings over West Hartford and West Wings Bar and Grill? AND they are both really on Prospect Avenue except that Wings Over... says it is on the Boulevard. It is on the Boulevard if you enter that part of the parking lot BUT it does face Prospect Avenue.

So anyway, we go waltizing into Wings Over... thinking that we are at West Wings and it's this teeny little takeout place with four minitables and six chairs. Starving [as usual] we decide to stay and it was a good choice. Will have to try out the 'other place' for its ambience but I bet no one can beat the wings here!

Ordering a Hangar 2 [food for two] with the 727 which is one and a half pounds of wings [25 of them] with the possibility of 5 sauces [we chose West Texas Mesquite, Sweet Onion, Lemon Pepper, Jamaican Jerk and something else...]. This comes with 2 soft drinks, fries and celery sticks with bleu cheese dressing. AND we ordered a large onion rings. Everything was delicious and we finished all but the fries.

bloginfo: our order came to just under $30 but takeout is the name of the game
blognote: google the menu and try to decide on what you want as it is mind boggling once you get there

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