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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fromager des Clarines

When I was in Miami last week, my neice, Johnson and Wales chef-to-be, brought some of this cheese to dinner. Well I did find it at Whole Foods today and we ate it last night. It is so creamy you can just about drink it with a straw. At $14.99, this is the start of an expensive addiction.

Fromager des Clarines is made from Mountain milk, yielding a smooth, very creamy cheese that is a must to serve as close to room temperature as possible, to release it's fresh white truffle butter flavors.

Fromager des Clarines is packed in a woodchip box like L'Edel de Cleron but is less pungent and more appealing to the less trained palette.

Serve it right inside the box, lifting off the edible top rind with a spoon. Scoop out the gourmet cheese with a crisp bread stick or onto your favorite water cracker or baguette.

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