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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Seventh Street Wine Company

Unique wine shop, wine bar, iced champagne bar, lounge and tasting site.

The Seventh Street Wine Company calls itself 'the tasting place' and is the most innovative 'package store' I have ever visited. The deal is: buy a card with microchip [$25 minimum and $25 increments] and get one ounce tastes from ultramodern 'enorounds' [cruvinet].

There are 64 varieties of red wine possibilities in eight enorounds and 32 white winess in 4 enos. The cost of the 1 oz sip ranges from $1 to $20 [Penfold Grange]. The eno automatically reduces the total amount on your card after each purchase.

There was to be a tasting with tapas at 7pm but we were on our way to dinner. The chef was setting up the food to be cooked
on the fenced patio. Great concept!

bloginfo: 701 S. Flagler Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
blognote: I tried the Spanish whites; Burgos Albariño, Martin Codax Albariño and Blanca Nieva [$1.90 for the taste and my favorite]

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