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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Inn at the Armory

Had lunch today at the Inn at the Armory in the Inn at Middletown on Main Street.

The daily special had changed from Meatloaf for $9.95 [had that last night] to a Seafood over Penne for $11.95. It had some lobster but the two entrées served had very varying portions of it.
One entrée was the 'Shaved Roast Beef Sandwich' which was gigantic and the roast beef was definitely not shaved.
The other two entrées [and one was my order] were the Tavern Omelette. This was excellent. It was filled with big chunks of Lobster, Havarti Cheese and Portabella Mushrooms. The omelette was served over sautéed squash and carrot.

Two desserts were ordered: Brioche Bread Pudding and Creme Brulée [the crust was not crisped].

All in all, a successful luncheon.

bloginfo: for info and menus.
blognotes: waitstaff needs more training; precarious tray handling and reaching across patrons to serve
parking sux: use the free lot in down from the old Peltons in front of Destina; they ticket mercilessly on Main Street so feed the meter until it is full!

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