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Monday, June 11, 2007

Grants [desserts to go]

After the great meal at Oliva, we got two desserts to go at Grants in West Hartford Center.

The two desserts for the three of us were Mini Chocolate Mousse Cake and a Mini Lemon Cheesecake. These are the dessert-size portions they also serve from the menu in the dining room [and alfresco café]. Which one is my favorite? Hmmm, I guess the chocolate but it sure is a great contest.

bloginfo: Grants is located at 977 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford, CT
phone: 860.236.1930 [they also own Bricco around the corner]

bloginfo: we had the $6 size
The chocolate also comes in a $10 and $25 size while the cheesecake also comes in a $25 size.

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Anonymous said...

Great atmosphere! My fiance proposed in this restaurant. I went back on March 7th, 2011 at 5:30pm with my girlfriends for dinner. My friend ordered fish for dinner and it was terrible! She got like 5 bones out of 2 VERY small bites! We rejected the dish and they told us that the bones were so small to the point that the chef had broke the tool which he used to take the bones out. apparently the batch of fish they had this time were all like this. We complained to the manager, top notch restaurant shouldn't have this happen! We paid a lot for the dish! If the chief knew there are a lot of small bones... I would expect him to tell us and not continue to serve the dish! we were all finished with our meal while my poor friend still waiting for the cod to be cooked! The manager made us felt like idiot for complaining about this issue... THE WORST PART: The manager did not take her dish off the bill instead he BILLED us "THE MORE EXPANSIVE fish which we were forced to order because the other kind has too much small bones!" What kind of management is that? I complained about the fish and he charged us more? FYI... we paid full price for our meal, all he did was just to subtract the different between the two fish!