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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cromwell Kitchen

The sign outside says: The Best Lunch in Town.

A big boast but they do have something there. Cromwell Kitchen is right next door to Mortensen's Ice Cream [closed for the season]. The new owners, the Piankas, are trying very hard to impress and with ties to Mario Batali, they are succeeding.

For lunch we each tried a Panini: his was a BLT [$6.50] consisting of bacon, roasted red onion, pickled green tomatoes and peppered mayo on Filone bread. Mine was the Capicollo [$7.15] with roasted marinated eggplant and mustard greens. Both paninis were excellent and plated beautifully.

He tried an order of fries and I had the sweet potato fries. The orders are huge but expensive [$3.50]. Well worth it but try splitting an order 2 [or 3 ways].

They have an excellent selection of soft drinks: imported and local [even Avery's from New Britain]. The cold item displays were very impressive with fresh pasta, entrées, side dishes and even desserts. The desserts up front looked great too.

The Cromwell Kitchen has paninis; rye, sourdough and ciabatta bread sandwiches, salads and soups.

blognotes: only three tables but the four-top was a beautifully set dining room table with real chairs; lots of foot traffic with orders-to-go. Either way it's good food

bloginfo: www,
25 Shunpike Road, Cromwell, CT
telephone: 860 634-9966 fax 860 635-9965
hours: Monday to Saturday 11 to 6:30 [closed Sundays]

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