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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Baci Grill

Lunch today [yes, another lunch out] at Baci Grill in Cromwell. Always a good place for lunch and today was no exception.

Prime Beef Burger, ordered and delivered rare, with side of Pasta Salad and some lettuce and tomato and Fries [$6.00]. It was reported to be delicious.

Other entrée [two of us] was the Tuna Salad Sandwich. Yes, a tuna salad sandwich but with a lot of difference. This was Ahi Tuna mixed with Capers, Red Peppers and a Garlic Mayonnaise on toasted Ciabatta Bread [$7.00]. This was served with good Fries and the side of Pasta Salad.

bloginfo: Baci Grill, 134 Berlin Road, Cromwell, CT and is right off exit 21 on Route 91. The telephone is 613.2224.

blognote: same family as Tuscany Garden downtown in Middletown. Evidently they have sold BrewBakers on Main Street [and it ain't the same].

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