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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mediterranean Highlights...

A Bellini Cocktail in the Promenade Bar on the Grand Princess leaving Venice. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to Harry’s Bar where it was invented.

A Greek Beer [Alea], Greek Salad with a slab of Feta Cheese, Moussaka, Baklava and Greek Coffee at a taverna on the way to Cape Sounion outside of Athens.

A Chicken Kebap Doner Sandwich [redundant?] with Stuffed Grape Leaves and an Orange Phyllo Dessert at the Topkapi Museum Café in Istanbul overlooking the Bosporus River separating Europe from Asia.

Café au Lait and a Croissant at a seaside café and then a cup of Cassis Ice Cream in Cassis outside of Marseille.

At the Tratorria Baldovino in Florence, an Antipasto and three Pizzas: 4 Formaggio, Prosciutto & Funghi and Verona [Anchovies and Capers] and Vino.

An Antipasto Fritto Misto, Linguine with Black Truffles and a bottle of Frascati White Wine in the Ristorante Sta. Lucia in Naples. We sat at a table under an umbrella shaded by the trees of the city park.

An Insalata di Mare [clams, mussels and calamari], white local Wine, great Bread and a Dulce de Limone cake for dessert at the Café Delfin in Sorrento on the beach.

A Greek Beer under a roof of blazing pink bougainvilleas in Mykonos with Greek music playing softly in the background.

A 23 course dinner at Sabbatini’s Tratorria on the Grand Princess. Twin Lobster Tails and a bottle of Champagne courtesy of American Express.

Barcelona’s Menu del Día still reigns. So many memorable cheap meals: Chicken in Pepitoria, Black Rice, Paella, Butifarra.... But the most memorable meal was our last night eating in Barceloneta: Cava [local Champagne], Pa amb Tomaquet [Tomato smeared Bread], Chipirones [‘popcorn’ octopus] and Pescaditos Fritos [a mound of flash fried Sardines]!

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