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Saturday, September 23, 2006

PorterhousE Restaurant

Traffic on I-95N was a bitch between exits 5 and 10, so we stopped in SoNo for a break and lunch after spending the morning at the Chihuly Show at the New York Botanical Gardens. Don't miss this show; I saw the earlier one at the Fairchild Gardens in Fort Lauderdale and this installation was just as good.

PorterhousE [or P/H] is at 124 Washington Street in South Norwalk. There a zillion places to eat in that vicinity but this one looked especially good. Great decor, the big booths at the back are funky and very private!

We started with a big Pellegrino and a Calamari Appetizer. The calamari were tender and coated in panko, the dip was a sweet chili dip. The plate definitely needed salt.

The three entrees were: Seared Scallops over Frisee and Pears, Blackened Tenderloin Tips in a Wrap with French Fries and Coleslaw and my order of Pulled Pork Wedge. This was a bolito stuffed with pulled pork, sweet potato fries [delicious] and coleslaw. The pork was moderately seasoned and tender. The tips were said to be great; tender and medium rare.

Two glasses of wine: a Pinot Noir special [Twin Fin] and a Pinot Grigio. The designated driver finished the Pellegrino.

Dessert ordering was held until arrival in Cromwell at Mortenson's Summer Ice Cream Shack: Pumpkin, Banana and Moose Tracks.

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