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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Chamoro Pibil

Amazing meal tonight at Puerto Vallarta [the one in Cromwell, CT that just reopened after the fire.] There are two other Puerto Vallarta restaurants: Middletown and West Hartford.

Anyway, I ordered the Chamoro Pibil which reminded me of the food on Guam [Chamorro, get it?]. This was a Lamb Shank cooked in Banana Leaves [yes, real ones]. The Lamb was super tender and was served with White Rice [tiny grained with Bay Leaves imbedded in the mound], Beans [not refried] and an Avocado dish [not Guacamole] but drenched in Lime Juice. Lots of 'NOTS' here I know; just trying to describe the dish.

The other entrée was Chef Armando's Special Fajitas with Shrimp, Beef and Chicken. Nice full platter of grilled meats, seafood and vegetables. The everpresent Tortillas were fresh and hot. This dish came with Refried Beans, Guacamole and Mexican Rice.

blognote: I had a $6 coupon so the meal turned to be inexpensive as well as delicious.

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