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Saturday, June 10, 2006

This place SUX!

LOCANDA SIBILLA or so it says on the check [the sign on the restaurant was different] is not the best of Lincoln Road. And Lincoln Road in Miami has so many winners.

The Tagliere [charcuterie plate] was excellent. It was just the right size for three and the Smoked Mozzarella was fine while expensive [$14.50]. The Pinot Grigio was excellent also.

It was the entrées that just didn't make it. Two orders of Pollo Valdostana and one of Petto di Pollo were dry, dry, dry. Whether they lived for an Italian eternity under the heat lamp [perhaps trying for a Sicilian tan] or just a chef's bad night in the kitchen, they were bad.

The waiter tried to console us with Limoncellos but we were in a pout [especially me] so left to people watch for the rest of the night.

blognotes: We spent the earlier part of the evening in the Design District at their Second Saturday celebration from 6 to 10. Open galleries, wine and cheese; I recommend it.

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