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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Max Amoré

Dinner tonight at Max Amoré in Glastonbury was a delicious if not noisy evening. Why some people need to take small cranky, sleepy children to a restaurant is beyond me. Maybe it's the trophy child syndrome; the parents looked too old for these small children [grandparents maybe?]. After they finally left, the restaurant experience became a little gentler [but the acoustics there really do suck!].

We started with the family sized Calamari. This appetizer contains a large amount of red chili peppers, so watch out, delicious but hot. The House Salad, even with the added Gorgonzola, is a bit drab; glad two of us shared one of these.

Entreés were definitely more successful. One order of a Half Chicken came with Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Vegetables. The Hangar Steak was very nicely served medium rare as ordered, same Mashed Potatoes but had Garlicy Spinach and Grilled Onions. The 12oz. Bistecca was done medium well and came with the Spinach and the Max Amoré version of Hash Browns spiced up with Bacon.

Desserts were a Creme Brulée, Chocolate Budino and the Sorbeto [Lime, Mango and Raspberry].

Service was snail-like with a server better suited for competing in the Ms. Zombie 2006 Internationale.



theresa said...

Yes it was delicious and thank you again for a wonderful evening.

mofongoman said...

It was definitely my pleasure!