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Monday, May 22, 2006

Brussel Sprouts!

The Jade Monkey and Vanna White were being good to me, so I decided to eat at Uncas' Grille at Mohegan Sun Casino this afternoon.

Started with a Sierra Nevada ale with the proffered trio of Breads and Succotash.

I ordered the Meatloaf Dinner which came with BBQ Sauce [on the side], a Grilled Onion and Mixed Veggies [fresh]. I also ordered a side of Brussel Sprouts which were superbly cooked in Maple Syrup.

Skipped dessert [and I need to skip it for the next three years!].

The winner was the Meatloaf with chunks of Shortribs in it and the Brussel Sprouts.



theresa said...

*Ahem* shouldn't you be hungry enough by now to be going out to eat again? Come on already, I live vicariously through your restaurant blog and I've had enough already of these brussel sprouts.....

mofongoman said...

That's why I am taking you to Max Amoré tonight. Read the other blogs on that restaurant; we will enjoy?