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Saturday, April 22, 2006

MSG @Tuscany

The MSG met yesterday at Tuscany Grill in Middletown. This is the building where the Middlesex Opera House was located on College Street.

We had our 'usual' table in the 'back grotto'.

After some amiable conversation and little genealogical sharing we ordered from our friendly and efficient waitperson.

Some Corn Chowders, a Salad or two, a few Turkey Cordon Bleu Wraps and several Kelly Wraps [Pastrami, Swiss and Dijon with a Dijon Dip] were enjoyed. Several orders were mixed up but we all got to eat some Fries and Pasta Salad family style or such.

Time restraints made for a no dessert call. But I think some scurried next door to BrewBakers to indulge [same Pastry Chef anyway].

The winner [as always] was the conversation. The Wraps were pretty good and the Chowder was tasty.


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