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Saturday, April 29, 2006

50 cents extra, for what?

Grandson, CF, was showing his invention, the Walking Shovel, at the UCONN Invention Convention, so we [BF and GC] went to see him.

After strolling through all the great inventions, we went to Dimitri's on Route 31 in [North] Coventry where I was treated to a very nice lunch. BF had the Southwestern Chili Soup and a Chef Salad with Peppercorn Dressing, GC had a Garden Salad and the Fried Clam Dinner. I ordered a Greek Salad with Oil and Vinegar and the Spinach Pie. Everything was very tasty.

Upon checking the bill GC noticed that they charge 50 cents for the Peppercorn Dressing [and the Bleu Cheese dressing also said the waitress]. We also noticed that there was no bread on the table: CHEAP!

The winner was the Soup and the Spinach Pie.
The loser was the extra charge for salad dressing.

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