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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Noshing around Miami...

Shuckers in Normandy Shores: Prime Rib Sandwiches and a pitcher of Beer
[where the view is better than the food; but the view is free and the food is good and cheap]

Magnum in Miami: Escargot in Puff Pastry with Bleu Cheese Sauce and French Onion Soup
[where they have the best restaurant in the gayest piano bar ever]

Soprano's on Lincoln Road: Salume/Cheese Platter and Pomodori Salad with Basil/Oil
[where the beautiful people walk by your table and try not to look at your food]

Metro Café in Fort Lauderdale on the water [after the King Tut Exhibit]: Cobb Salad
[where the service is slow, the place is packed and the restrooms have the most amazing sinks]

Jackson's at Dania Beach: Hot Fudge Sundae on Crunchy Peanut Butter Ice Cream
[where the servings are too large and too expensive but who cares if you are on vacation]

Cachita's on 71st Street: Sandwich Cubano [where I can pass for an Argentine and eat the best and cheapest food with people who don't give a shit who I am because they are too busy enjoying their food] and then a Café Cortado at Blue Sky [where I can sit at a table outside and nurse a dollar coffee for as long as I want]

Las Vegas Cuban Restaurant on Collins Avenue at 71st: Black Bean Soup/Pork Sandwich
[where a homeless sockless person called me a 'whore' but excused it all by continuing on 'but you ain't my salvation']

Confiteria Buenos Aires on Collins at 72nd: Café Cortado [and 3 pastries to go]
[where you take a ticket to buy pastries and when it's your turn the counter girls treat you like you are the President of Argentina]

Bistro 71 at the Fountain on 71st Street for my Despedida [Going-Away Party by S and P]: Goat Cheese Salad, Escargots, Paté; Beef Burgundy, 2 Lamb Shish Kebab; Coconut Flan, Crepes Suzettes, Bread Pudding. A fitting [and caloric] ending to my Miami stay!
[which I think will be my new neighborhood restaurant as soon as I get off my ass and buy a condo in Normandy Shores]

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