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Friday, January 27, 2006

Christmas at Bolton Notch

Actually it wasn't Christmas but I was taken to lunch as part of my Christmas gift. The gift 'coupon' was from the Andover crowd, BF and GC.

We ate at Georgina's in their new digs [formerly Fiano's]. They moved up to this building from their little pizza joint a few yards away. They must be doing fine as the place was packed. Who are all these people?

We each had a luncheon special which came with a nice House Salad [I know I have a big mouth but they should cut the ingredients a little smaller]; two with Honey Mustard dressing and mine with the house special homemade Creamy Italian. There was also a bread basket with three huge pieces of 'Texas' [actually Italian] Toast coated with Garlic Butter and Herbs. Yummy!

BF had the Chicken Parm, GC the Eggplant Parm and I had the Veal and Eggplant Parm. The sauce was very good and the pasta portion was more reasonable than most places. Maybe this was the lunch portion but I appreciated being able to see the veal and eggplant. We each had a different type of pasta but all the orders came out just right.

Soula and George are the owners. Soula stopped by the table and was really interested in how we were enjoying our meal.

We skipped dessert [there] and had fresh baked Cherry Pie and Coffee back 'at the ranch' in Andover.

The winner was the Cherry Pie [sorry Soula] AND the three Parm dishes.

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