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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Chale Ipanema [again]

Actually it's again and again and again. You just can't get a bad meal here at Chale Ipanema on Franklin Avenue in Hartford. This I didn't have a problem with the car either [earlier blog].

Went with neighbors SN and BN before they leave for Florida [snowbirds!]. We all enjoyed the meals.

We started with an order of Banana Frita and one of Yucca Frita. Both were hot and delicious and the mustard dipping sauce for the yucca was good. The rolls and olives helped fill us up.

SN had the Grilled Shrimp over Pineapple Mango Rice with Pinenuts. BN had the night's special of Salmon with Shiitaki Mushrooms and Lobster Sauce over Rice. I had the Bitoque [Bife Portuguesa]: a great steak grilled to medium rare perfection and covered with Prosciutto and a Fried Egg. This came with Portuguese Fried Potatoes.

To add insult to calories, we shared a special dessert of Chocolate Mousse with Chocolate and Raspberry Sauces and Vanilla Ice Cream.

The winner was the food, the ambiance and the company.

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