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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

BBB Second Time Around...

Went to the casino today to win some money for the new year but to no avail.

Did have a great meal though at Big Bubba's BBQ. The 'hungry trio' shared an order of Onion Rings with Blue Cheese Dip [$4.95]. BD had the Bodacious BBQ Sandwich [$11.45] and it was 'bodacious'. He said there was about two pounds of Pulled Pork, Chili, Cheese and other good stuff on a big ole Sesame Seed Bun. YeeHaw! JD and I [being much more modest eaters!] each had an order of the Trash Ribs. This supposed appetizer serving is the best secret out there [$6.95]. A huge plate of rib ends and some of the best coleslaw [vinegar?] around. Shady Glen, watch out!

We skipped dessert [there]. Adjacent to the new Uncas Grill in the Earth Casino, we found a great coffee shop with the hugest chocolatest desserts imaginable. They shared a Chocolate Frosted Chocolate Muffin big enough to feed a hungry tribe [of chocoholics]. I, the dainty eater, had a small Bear Claw [from a bear cub?] and paid for it with my Players' Club Credits. We each had a coffee and waddled home [actually we drove home (but someone slept most of the way!)].

Everything was a winner [except us on the slots].


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