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Friday, November 25, 2005

O Rodízio, My Rodízio...

Went to Rodízio at Inman Square in Cambridge, MA today with elder son, CF, and his SO, CB. We scouted out about 'a trillion' restaurants before settling on this one.

It looked very authentic from the outside and had a good crowd in there eating [the day after Thanksgiving, no less!].
And it was so cold the open ovens were very inviting.

Cf and I both opted for the Rodízio [A Brazilian Barbeque Banquet]; mine with a Brahma Brazilian beer.

There was Salad Bar and Hot Food Bar to start. The salad bar was ignored except for the Chicken Salad which was very good. The Hot Food Bar had Rice, Beans [habichuelas], Sweet Plaintains, Chicken Wings, Roast Chicken and a Ground Beef Dish with Corn that looked good. Garbanzo Bean Salad, too.

The servers then came around with braziers of various meats and carved them at the table. I remember Pork, Chicken wrapped in Bacon, Roast Beef, Brazilian Sausage, Kielbasi but NO Lamb [they had run out of it tonight!!!].

CB is a vegetarian so she ordered the Fish equivalent to our rodízios. This was a huge portion of Fish Stew in a Oniony Tomato Sauce. This was accompanied by Black Beans [frijoles negros] and a serving of Tomato Sauce thickened with Yucca Flour.

There was a Dessert Bar also. From it I had two servings of Rice Pudding and CF ate up lots of the Strawberry and Chocolate ice creams.

The winners were [of course] the Meats, the Tomato Sauce with Yucca Flour and the Garbanzo Bean Salad.

bloginfo: The Rodízio were $22.95 per person.

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