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Monday, May 16, 2005

Roxie's is closed........

Went to an Organ Concert with JD and BD at Immanuel Congregational Church on Farmington Avenue in Hartford just across the street from the Mark Twain House. JC and JC were there also.

Wanted to take the D's to Roxie's Gulf Coast Kitchen as we had had such a good meal there a few weeks ago with NO and MR. Drove down Farmington Avenue and turned on Laurel Street [where I grew up] past the closed Mississippi Grille [originally the Aetna Diner] which is morphing into another yuppie something. Good Luck!

When we got to Roxie's there was a big sign on the door: Closed for Business, Thanks to all our Customers. Another good one hits the Hartford dust!

Ended up at Tatry and all three of us had the Polish Platter and then split an order of Cheese Blintzes for dessert. Still good food; please stay open!

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