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Sunday, April 10, 2005

10, 15 or 20 meatballs?
Try this link and find out your closest Ikea showroom; ours is in New Haven, CT.

Convinced BD* and JD to drive me there in their van so I could buy some new dining room chairs [wasn't difficult to convince when they heard about the meatballs!].

The 10 meatball dinner includes gravy, boiled potatoes and lingonberries for $3.99. Each additional 5 meatballs set you back a dollar. We also shared a plate of smoked salmon with mustard dill sauce for our appetizer. Also tried the lingonberry juice. All this came to under $21.

We stopped back after shopping [yes, I got the chairs] and had dessert. Three slices of Swedish Apple Cake with a Vanilla Cream Sauce and three coffees came to $6.00. They even offer a 99 cent breakfast before the store opens.

The winner was the price of meals [and the meatballs and gravy].

*note: Individuals will be double initialized from now on as this blog has taken flight!

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