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Friday, December 03, 2004

MSG [no not that kind]

The Middlesex Society of Genealogists [lovingly known as MSG from NEAC] happily met for their 'who's hosting it this time' luncheon at the Sans Souci Restaurant in Meriden on the Berlin Turnpike today. All members, with the exception of R, were present [J and J, M and B, DW and Monfongoman].

A beautifully set round table was waiting and offered great coleslaw [sweet with red onions] and herbed bread rounds that were a delicious intro to the coming meal. The French bread was warm and fresh.

Some ordered from the Specials menu while others stayed with the traditional: smoked apple bacon wrapped scallops as an appetizer was shared. One lobster roll with French fries, two baked scrod, one meatloaf, one liver with onions and bacon and one veal medallions in a cream sauce – all with mashed potatoes, summer squash and carrots.

Desserts were either tiramisu with accompanying glass of Marsala wine or apple pie with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce [actually more like an apple crisp]. Many cups of decaf coffee and the meal was completed. The $102 tab with a hefty tip made for an inexpensive, tasty and social luncheon. The waitress, an Italian Argentine, was delightful.

The simple agenda for the 'meeting' portion of the luncheon consisted of two Genealogy handouts from Wikipedia: 5 Reliability of sources and 6 The "maximum relationship"

The winner is: Smoked Apple Bacon wrapped Scallops

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