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Thursday, November 18, 2004

deep fried twinkies

Went to Little Taste of Texas with J&B and DW this evening. B had a gift certificate from his brother and needed help spending it. Who else would he ask but us!

We started off with a huge platter of Buckin' Bronco Nachos smothered with melted cheese and pulled Buffalo. That and iced teas and two beers: Long Trail and Lone Star introduced us to Texan Barbecue cuisine. For more info: 1.1.3 Texas

I ordered the Chicken Fried Steak and my two included sides were Chili and Mac and Cheese. DW had the Pulled Pork with Mashed Potatoes and Mac and Cheese, J had the Fried Catfish Platter with Hush Puppies and French Fries while B had the Pulled Buffalo with Chili and Cornbread. What a meal with another Lone Star for me and another Long Trail for B.

Just enough room for all of us to share one dessert: the Deep Fried Twinky with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Yummy!

The bill came to $99.90 and the gift certificate was for $100; did we do well or did we do well. I took care of the tip [big spender] and we stumbled out of the restaurant with our boxes and containers of leftovers. Tonight sweet dreams and tomorrow the scale [and the gym].

Little Taste of Texas is located at 19 Oakland Road [Route 30] in South Windsor, CT. The phone is 860.436.1232 and you can see the menu at Little Taste of Texas . Try it, the place is little, the food is good and plenty and the staff is pleasant and knowledgeable. The booths are small so look for the bigger table if your group is four or more. Lots of good sauces available at each table: sweet, sweet barbecue, hot barbecue and a box of assorted hot sauces.

Thanks again B&J. [You will notice their names again and again on this blog as we quite often eat together, out and in].

And the winner was: PULLED PORK.

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